The most important points when choosing a endodontic motor

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Endodontic instrumentation has advanced significantly in recent years with a range of powered rotary and reciprocating systems that can make root canal treatment easier to perform. Endodontic electric motors are a part of this advancement as they provide clinicians with the ability to use endodontic files with constant and precise torque suited to the canal being treated. Many of these systems offer programmable settings, automatic reverse functions designed to reduce file breakage, and some even feature integrated apex locators. Some electric dental handpiece systems can even be used for endodontic along with a full range of other functions.

The most important points when choosing a endodontic motor.

Available programs: Endodontic motor usually has pre-installed file sequences of their own brand, so if we are clear that we are going to work only with a file system, we should consider buying the same manufacturer’s motor.

Wireless or with pedal: There are endodontic motors that are controlled from the same handpiece, as is the case of Tri Auto ZX2 and others such as the Silver Motor or the Bader Endodontic Motor that are controlled from a pedal. This can be a factor that makes us decide between one or the other.

Continuous or reciprocation: All endodontic motors have the function of continuous rotational motion, so that they all can use files designed for this type of continuous movement ( Pathfile Files Endodontic , Protaper Files Endodontic , etc.) but only some engines have the Reciprocal movement function, which Reciproc files or Wave One files need.

With the advancements in Endodontic and technologies, root canal treatment is becoming easier, more time efficient and more patient friendly. With several different Endodontic motors in the marketplace how do you choose the best motor for your practice and patients. Purchasing a motor with an open file library platform gives you the flexible to use the file systems of your choice. It also allows you the opportunity to use different file systems for specific cases, not every scenario and patient requires the same treatment. Looking for a motor that gives you the option to upgrade file systems is also a great feature to keep your motor current.

The most updated endodontic motors have the function of alternate or reciprocating rotation, so they are most recommended to use for the ease of use that saves time. They also allow safe and efficient preparation of the ducts. You can even purchase endodontic motors that include files, paper tips and other complementary materials and instruments. Visit to learn more about the link Endodontic motors kit.

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